Sunshines Program Goals

Sunshines Level 1

  • Create a positive happy habit of learning music.
  • Develop the child’s listening skills.
  • Experience independence in learning and interaction with other children.
  • Master the music alphabet from A to G inclusive.
  • Play the C major scale and the A natural minor scale on the keyboard.
  • Recognize and reproduce on the keyboard high, middle and low sounds.
  • Play musical patterns on the keyboard by ear.
  • Read line and space notes.
  • “Echo sing” patterns using solfege (do, re, mi).
  • Use 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 time signatures.
  • Employ whole, half, quarter and eighth notes in singing, clapping, dictation and reading.
  • Reinforce left and right modality and fine motor control in the individual fingers.
  • Compose at least four measures of their own music.
  • Learn levels of sound which can be incorporated into their music, using dynamics.
  • Play in a recital, either solo or with the class.


Sunshines Level 2

  • Play in the keys of C+, G+ and a-, including recognizing related key signatures.
  • Accompany using primary chords for the key of C+.
  • Play with hands separately and together, including proper finger technique and strengthening exercises.
  • Play simple pieces by ear.
  • Transpose simple pieces from the key of C+ into G+ and a-.
  • Read staff notation from bass clef low B through treble clef high C.
  • Understand time signatures of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8, including strong and weak beat emphasis.
  • Use ti-ti, ta, triplet, half note, half note dot, whole notes and rests in singing, playing and rhythm dictation.
  • Expand musical terminology including staccato, legato, sharp, fermata, bar line, double bar line and accidental.
  • Sing songs in solfege with hand signs, including do, re, mi, so and la.
  • Expand composition skills and experimentation.
  • Introduce composers and music history.
  • Recognize major and minor tonality, including an introductory understanding of the relationship between major and minor keys.
  • Perform in two recitals, solo and ensemble.


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