• Jennifer's Music Studio
    Jennifer's Music Studio
    A glimpse of the studio...
  • Jennifer Yuen, Studio Owner
    Jennifer Yuen, Studio Owner
    Helping out at a local event.
  • Studio arrangement
    Studio arrangement
    Set up of the keyboards for class.
  • Children learning the treble clef
    Children learning the treble clef


Looking for the best in music education? You’ve found it! Music for Young Children (MYC) is a dynamic, child-centered curriculum for ages newborn through pre-teen. This innovative, Canadian system combines proven music education theories into one comprehensive method of keyboard, rhythm, singing, theory, movement and more. A fun and imaginative environment filled with games, storytelling and hands-on activities engages children in learning and allows them to explore music concepts while building concentration, self-expression and confidence.

Taught by a Certified MYC Teacher and guided by their parents, children work together in small age-specific groups to learn fundamental music and keyboard skills including:

* rhythm
* solfege (do, re, mi)
* singing
* note reading
* finger play technique
* ear training
* movement
* composition
* harmonizing a melody line
* music theory
* music history
* sight reading

MYC is the perfect program for children with no previous musical experience as well as those who have already developed a love for music. It provides a strong foundation for future piano studies, pursuing a second instrument or simply developing a life-long enjoyment of music. Give your children the gift of music through MYC. It is a gift that will last their lifetime!